My name is Peter Quadarella and I live in Weddington, North Carolina, which is just outside of Charlotte.  I am originally from Brooklyn – my wife and I came here in 2004 and we have two children.  I recently retired from my career in IT Management.  I quickly realized that since we have school age kids and my wife is still working, that it was not yet a true retirement.  But I am having a load of fun!

I have many hobbies, but mostly my hobby is learning about new things.  Birding has been a great avenue for that, as the knowledge you gain can be put to use every day, since there are birds everywhere!  Also, I am always looking for reasons to get into the woods, and birding provides a constant excuse.  I have also rediscovered photography, which I dabbled in many years ago when I got a camera for my high school graduation.

Creating this blog has been a lot of fun, and is just one more thing to learn about.  Maybe some day I will write about some of my other hobbies, which include woodworking, tabletop gaming, model building, astronomy, and many others.