North Carolina county #100

Lake Moss Park

For my final county visit, I stopped at Moss Lake Park in Cleveland County.

Moss Lake Park

I was glad to get some good use out of my spotting scope here, and saw several Hooded Mergansers swimming near a group of Mallards.  There were also Ring-billed and Bonaparte’s Gulls flying around.  There was not a large area to walk around here, as the park seems mostly to serve as a place to fish from and/or launch a boat from.  There were several fisherman out even though the temperature was right about at the freezing point.

a nice looking sycamore tree

That said, I did spot some small birds and got somewhat blurry photos of them.  As I drove up, there was a Pine Warbler waiting for me in the road.

Pine Warbler

In among a large group of Dark-eyed Juncos, I spied a single Golden-crowned Warbler.

Golden-crowned Warbler

I didn’t stay very long as it was cold and not much area to walk around in.  However this spot is only an hour from me and if I ever get back into fishing, it seems like a good place to go.

It’s hard to believe that this was my 100th county!  When I got home I celebrated a bit with my family.  I will wrap up this quest with one more post after this one.


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