North Carolina county #92

Lake Norman State Park

This week I went to Lake Norman State Park in Iredell County.

Lake Norman is the largest manmade lake in North Carolina and the state park is along the northernmost area of the shore.  It has a 30.5 mile mountain biking trail and a number of other hiking trails and boat launches.  I hiked a relatively short trail called the Alder Trail which is near the visitor center.

The birding was good, and there was the full complement of fall birds out.  I saw both species of Kinglet (Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned) and got photos of both for a change.  In general, the birds were pretty cooperative and it was a sunny day, getting into the 70’s later on.

Red-bellied Woodpeck

There were only two species of Sparrow there: Song and Chipping.  But a full flock of Cedar Waxwings came in at one point.  They are a unique looking bird.

Cedar Waxwing

There were also many Eastern Bluebirds.  I shot this one on the way back – the reflection of the fall leaves in the water was interesting.

Eastern Bluebirds

I was hoping to see some waterfowl but they still haven’t shown up this far south yet.  On the shore I did see a lone Great Blue Heron.  At the very end of the path, there is a little bench to sit on at the end of the peninsula.

I sat there for a while and relaxed.  It was a nice spot on a nice day.  I spied a Pine Warbler and Hermit Thrush on the way back, and ended up with a total of 22 species for a 2 hour walk.

ebird checklist


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