North Carolina county #85

Lenoir Greenway

This week I set out on my last overnight trip of the year, into the mountains of North Carolina.  On my way there, I stopped at the Lenoir Greenway in Caldwell County.

It was a sunny and cool morning, and there was a good amount of birds in the trees.  I started at the Zacks Fork Access area of the Greenway and walked for a little under two miles.  There are lots of trails throughout, including mountain bike trails.  I didn’t see even one other hiker, although it was pretty early in the morning.

I was glad to have my camera back up and running.  Getting a photo of a small bird in the trees or bushes can be very hard, and with my backup camera, shots like this would just be a dark blur.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

These guys were the star of the show for this hike, and really throughout the next two days.  They have come in from the north in a big way, and I was happy to have them back.  For a relatively common bird, they are colorful and always fun to watch.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

I am pretty sure I heard a Yellow-billed Cuckoo, but I didn’t list it since I wasn’t confident enough.  It’s too bad I didn’t get to see it, I’ve only seen one this year so far.  I was expecting to get more warblers, but it looks like they are starting to move on.  I only saw a single Yellow-rumped Warbler.  I did see a Hermit Thrush; I guess they are coming back to stay with us for the winter now.

Overall it was a good visit, and nice to get some proper fall weather for a change.

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