North Carolina county #78

San-Lee Park

This week I set out for another round of county birding, hoping to finish all the counties surrounding the Raleigh area.  I figured three days (two nights away) would be more than enough to finish the seven counties that still remained like a hole in the middle of my progress map.


The first stop was San-Lee Park in Lee County.  This is a county run park with hiking and mountain biking trails, a lake for fishing and boating (including rentals), campsite and picnic areas, and a Nature Center that is just opening as I write this.  It is quite a nice park with well-marked trails and I enjoyed my visit very much.

As you can see, it was a gloomy day – dark and very humid with a slight misty drizzle at times.  The birds were not very active except in a couple of pockets during my hike, but it was not too hot and I enjoyed my walk.

Eastern Phoebe with a flexible neck

I walked across the lake to the other side and followed a trail that looped around it.  It was difficult to get good looks, but I spotted an American Redstart in the trees.  One nice thing about birding is that a bird that is sometimes common can be a fun surprise at a different time of the year, and that was the case with my first of the season Ruby Kinglet.  I haven’t seen one in six months and it was great to see that they are coming back.

I walked the trails for a little less than two hours.  I would have stayed longer if I didn’t have more counties to cover, and I am starting to look forward to next year when I will come back to some of these locations in a more leisurely and thorough fashion.

Towards the end, I went to take a photo of a bird and my camera would not respond.  I figured the battery ran out without me realizing it was getting low, so I headed back to the car to get my spare battery.  Unfortunately, it turned out that my camera was broken.

ebird checklist

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