North Carolina county #67

Hobucken Marsh and Route 33

I wasn’t sure where to go in Pamlico County but luckily I got some help from a friendly member of the Carolina Bird Club who gave me directions to some birdy areas to visit.  I ended up visiting Hobucken Marsh and various spots along Route 33 on the way to the Spring Creek Impoundment.

Hobucken Marsh

If I was doing this over I would have spent more time at Hobucken Marsh and walked around the whole thing.  I had a lot planned for the day and was a bit tired so not thinking straight at the time.  That said, I saw some birds and the local fauna was very friendly.

Eastern Kingbird waving hello

As you can tell from the Kingbird’s feathers, it had been a rainy morning and I think that kept it a little more quiet than it would have been.  I did get a decent variety of birds though, including a Great Crested Flycatcher, some Pine Warblers and a Belted Kingfisher among others.

a tug boat
Red-shouldered Hawk says hello to me

There was a good bit of activity in the trees on Route 33, but some of the birds were hard to get a glimpse of.  It turned out that the impoundments were just over the county border so couldn’t count for this visit.

These were some sites along the road that I stopped.

This seems like a pretty good county to visit but I should have allocated more time since I think it requires travelling around a bit to take advantage of.  I had thought I was going to spend a lot more time at the impoundments but because they were over the border I ended up only getting a little over an hour here.  Still, I got a feel for it and that’s what these trips are about.

ebird checklist 1

ebird checklist 2

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