North Carolina county #53

Meherrin River Landing

My next stop was the Meherrin River Landing at the Murfreesboro Water Treatment Plant.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect but there was supposed to be a trail alongside the boat launch.

boat launch

While I was there I saw two boats go and one come back, and it looked like great fun slowly coasting down that tunnel of trees.  After you go down a bit I believe it connects into the much larger Meherrin River at some point.  If I lived in this part of the state, I think I would probably end up getting a boat, with all of the great spots to explore.  It is much more appealing to me than boating on a big lake.

White-eyed Vireo

Unfortunately the trail was completely overgrown.  I made it maybe 50 yards before I would have needed a machete to continue, and I wasn’t in the mood for bushwhacking in the muggy heat with my gear.  I was lucky enough to find a couple of White-eyed Vireos in that first 50 yards so I got a photo of one.

The landing area does have a roughly 2-3 acre clearing which I walked the perimeter of, enabling me get a grand total of 9 species.  It was interesting watching the boats, but not a great spot for birding.  I didn’t stay very long as there wasn’t much left to do, and I moved on to the next county.

ebird checklist

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