North Carolina county #2

Lumber River State Park - Chalk Banks entrance

Yesterday I did an all day trip to Scotland and Robeson counties.  In order to meet my goal, I am going to need to cover 2 counties per day trip, especially when they are this distance from me (~2 hours).  I’ll break the posts up by county though, so I can easily reference where I went by county later.

In this case, both trips were to Lumber River State Park.  For Scotland County, I went to the Chalk Banks entrance.  This area has a 3 mile trail which runs by the Lumber River and into the woods a bit near a stream.  The river sometimes looks more like a swamp.  It had its own type of beauty and I enjoyed the walk.

The Lumber River

I got there about 8:45am and it was very quiet.  I started to hear some bird activity near the river and ended up with an OK list for this time of year.  I am always happy to get a look at a Pileated Woodpecker and I was able to get a recording of it for ebird.

Brown Creeper – can be a tough bird to spot!

The highlight of the trip for me was when a large group of White-breasted Nuthatches showed up.  It was quiet and then I heard them coming – they made quite a racket.  They seemed to swarm the trees near me and I managed to count 5 of them – although I may have missed some.  Then they moved on.  I never saw a group of them travel together like that before.

Overall, a great way to spend the morning.

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