North Carolina county #74

La Moye Park

Early in the morning, I stopped at a hotspot I had found on ebird called La Moye Park.

La Moye Park

I had even found a write-up on where to walk to bird it thoroughly, but as you can see, it was completely overgrown and impassable.  It was disappointing since there were not many other spots to bird in Greene County.  I have since checked with the Carolina Bird Club members and got a few tips on other spots.

First off, there is a boat landing at this hotspot, so someone mentioned if you had a kayak, you could try that out.

There is also another boat ramp in Snow Hill which has a a larger land area.  In additional I was pointed to the NCDOT Bike/Ped Plan for Hookerton, in Greene County.  There are a few greenways and a Hookerton Recreation Park that are good possibilities shown on the map just before page 61 in the plan located here:

I mention these options because it was pointed out that Greene County has the lowest species count of any county in North Carolina (91) and therefore it is good to encourage more birding in the area.  I appreciate the folks in the Carolina Bird Club for pointing all this out to me.

Brown Thrasher

It was still very early and the light wasn’t good, but even though the area was small, I was able to spot all three of the common mimic species around here – Gray Catbird, Northern Mockingbird, and Brown Thrasher.  I also saw a bunch of other common species in the area, even though there wasn’t much area to travel through.  Still, I wouldn’t recommend coming here until you have a kayak.

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