North Carolina county #75

Tarboro Riverfront Park

It was still early in the morning when I reached Tarboro Riverfront Park in Edgecombe County.  I remember the sky was very nice on the way there, and I even took a snapshot through my windshield at one point.

The park was about a half mile long strip of road along the Tarboro River with some trees on both sides.  Nothing fancy, but a good enough spot to do some morning birding.

Tarboro Riverfront Park

I hadn’t been having great luck on this trip so far so when I spotted and heard a Common Yellowthroat, it was more exciting than it would usually be.  It was actually my first Common Yellowthroat of the season and I manage to snap a quick shot of her before she went hiding again.

Common Yellowthroat

I also watched a small handful of Killdeer by the river for a while.


I saw a bunch of other typical species but nothing more of note really.  There were some domestic geese on the river – I’m not sure where they came from.

It’s a nice park if you live nearby and want to take a quick check for birds, but not really somewhere I would drive out of my for.  That said, I did enjoy my walk there because the heat was not bad yet and at least there was some area to walk around – I did about one mile of walking according to the ebird app.

ebird checklist

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