North Carolina county #39

Farmington Community Center

On my way up to the spring Carolina Bird Club meeting in Winston-Salem I stopped at the Farmington Community Center, which is an ebird hotspot.  To the right of the buildings and sports fields, there is trail though a field and some woods that is roughly two miles.

It was another overcast day threatening some rain, but the walk was very nice and there were a good number of birds around, although I spotted no warblers.  I felt that it would be a good spot if I had come at a better time of day.

Tree Swallow

There were bird houses along the trail and I spotted a Tree Swallow nesting in one of them.  The woods were dark and close in so I wasn’t able to get any other photos besides some House Sparrows on a wire.

I spotted a Barred Owl flying away from me in the woods at one point.  Also, although I didn’t see them, there were a couple of Wood Thrushes doing their haunting song in the woods.  I had heard this song many times in my childhood but never knew what it was.

This is an easy and enjoyable hike, although I recommend coming in the morning for better birding.

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