North Carolina county #38

Jackson Park

My last stop on the way home from my 3-day trip was Jackson Park in Henderson county.  This is a large multi-use park in the town of Hendersonville with baseball fields, disc golf, and soccer fields alongside nature trails.  The ebird hotspot has lots of records and it is fairly well-known within the birding community.

When I arrived, the sky was threatening me with rain and I was pretty tired from my long trek.  I decided to try Warbler Trail, since I was hoping to see some warblers.

The trail was short but well maintained and ran through some nice woods and alongside a marsh for a bit.  There were some Yellow-rumped Warblers in their full breeding clothes looking sharp.  I got a look at a Hairy Woodpecker which I don’t see very much for some reason.  My favorite bird this time was the Mallard, on account of her sitting calmly next to her sleeping chicks.


It did start raining on me after an hour or so, so I had to head back after 15 species.  There are a bunch of other trails I would like to try out some time – this seems like a very nice park.  There were lots of people there for various sports but the trails were not busy.

ebird checklist


Bonus photos from driving around the mountains:






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