North Carolina county #14

Off the road in Pasquotank

From looking at Google Maps and ebird, it appeared that the Great Dismal Swamp had a location to bird in Pasquotank County also.  This was good because I couldn’t find another good option in this fairly narrow county.  I planned the route back to go from the entrance of the State Park to what was called Insurance Ditch in the Great Dismal Swamp, inside Pasquotank.

My first concern was when I mentioned this to the guard at the State Park, and he said there was no entry over there.  I didn’t have an option so I figured I would just walk in from the side of the road when I came to it.

As I drove closer, my concern grew because it appeared to be all working farms and flat, so I could be seen for miles.  When I started down the final road towards the swamp, I saw large farm machinery blocking the road.  In addition, the road turned from paved to dirt.  I had no choice but to turn back.

There was no way I wasn’t birding somewhere in this county – it was too far from home to come out again, and besides, I didn’t see any other options for places to go.  While driving, I noticed Google Maps showed a small green area abutting the road for a short distance before the county line came.  I also saw Turkey Vultures circling overhead so I knew I could get at least one bird for the county.  I pulled over into this green area.

Unfortunately there were gates barring the way.  I was still a little unnerved by my meeting with the two gentleman on the way out of the park, so I didn’t want to push my luck with any angry local folk.  As I approached the gate, I was very lucky to flush two Wood Ducks!  I got closer to the stream that was just on the right of the gate and flushed one more.  No pictures, but at least I was able to get a couple of bird species for the county before leaving.

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