I just thought I’d document some parameters around this goal of mine.  I do not want this to be just a stop on the side of the highway to log a Carolina Chickadee and then move onto the next county.  The goal is to go to each county as a destination.  Some counties obviously have better facilities for this type of thing, and will warrant a full day or a half day of birding to get a respectable list.  In some cases I have found counties without obvious birding locations, so using Google Maps I will find some place I can bird at least for an hour or so to get a feel for it.  I do want this to be about visiting all the counties and seeing the state, as much as getting county ticks.

In addition, I will do my best to get at least one location photo for each county to commemorate the visit for myself.  I will post it along with the blog post, as well as any bird photos of interest.

Finally, in case someone does read this, I want to make it clear that I am far from an expert birder or photographer.  I started formally birding in October of 2015, so really only a little over a year ago.  I have been trying to get better at all my identification skills, but undoubtedly some of the more skilled birders I have gone on trips with would come back from each location with a larger list than I will be.  I do hope to find some birds of interest to the larger Carolina birding community.  Who knows what I’ll find out there?  I have to admit I am excited about getting started.

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